With the Examic Assessment Suite, you can implement your exams like true professionals. At the Institute of Medical Education (University of Bern, Switzerland), we have been organizing and supporting exams for dozens of years. We are committed to preparing, delivering and analyzing high-quality exams for our own medical students as well as for our clients. We cover a broad range of exams, both written and oral/practical, some of which have only a few candidates while others have hundreds. Being in charge of conducting the Swiss Federal Licensing Exam in Human Medicine, we care deeply about reliable processes, security, and multilingualism. In order to continue our drive for excellence and to offer innovations like tablet-based testing, we have developed the Examic Assessment Suite. Our experts are working hand in hand with our in-house developers to make sure the software tools are based on state-of-the-art assessment methods. By continually integrating feedback from the day-to-day use of Examic by real users, we make sure it works in practice and meets our high expectations in terms of efficiency, flexibility and ease-of-use.

We can offer the right solution for your specific needs. Try Examic for yourself – benefit from our experience!